February 15, 2023

25 Upcoming NFT Projects to Invest in and Get In on Early

NFTs might just be the hottest thing in the crypto sphere. When shopping for the best NFTs to invest in, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks, you’ll be spending at least 70 to 80 ETH. While NFTs are still relative newcomers to the art world, they’re drawing a significant amount of buzz and collectors are willing to pay a premium for top NFTs. The time to buy is when new NFT projects are just getting off the ground, and that means getting on the whitelist
or VIP list. So how do you invest in the best upcoming NFT projects?

It can be tough to cut through the digital clutter and discover the NFT projects that really resonate with you — or the NFT projects that are most likely to succeed. How can you decide which NFTs to invest in? With the right investment plan, knowing what you want from top NFTs, and active involvement in upcoming NFT projects, you can be prepared for anything that comes your way.

What Are NFTs?

(non-fungible token) is unique data stored on a digital ledger that acts as a collectible digital asset. Popular blue chip NFTs
such as BAYC
and Cool Cats
hold value, much like physical art, making them among the best NFTs to invest in. Recently, there’s been a huge stir on the scene, since speculators are on the lookout for top upcoming NFT projects so they can make a quick buck. However, it’s important to note that while it can be profitable to flip these top NFT projects, it’s also possible for them to skyrocket in value once FOMO
kicks in.

How to Find Worthwhile Upcoming NFT Projects

NFTs are popular, with a plethora of new and upcoming NFT projects launched weekly — if not daily. How can you find the best NFTs to invest in?

Several factors can play a role in your decision to invest in new NFT projects, including:

  • The community behind the new NFT projects, which may be on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform
  • The plans outlining the road maps of the new NFT projects
  • The founders, who may include notable artists, celebrities, or tech gurus
  • Availability on popular platforms, including Magic Eden
    or OpenSea
  • Unique properties of top NFTs
  • The amount you want to spend

Some upcoming NFT projects may also feature physical as well as digital assets, which can play a role in your investment decisions. These might include physical copies of digital art — or it could mean memberships, access to special features in gaming worlds, or special access to digital or real-world events. These may also be considerations when determining which NFTs are the best for you to invest in. Visiting sites such as rarity.tools
can be a great way to narrow your options for which NFTs you want to invest in.

Best NFTs to Invest In

#1: Illuvium

For gamers, Illuvium might just be one of the most exciting upcoming NFT projects in which to invest. Illuvium is a fantasy role-playing game
built on the Ethereum
blockchain. Introduced in January 2021 as a decentralized collection of NFTs, it’s one of the best new NFT projects.

Players can earn one of more than 100 Illuvials, each of which has a different affinity, class, and ability. You can capture, fuse, upgrade, and store your Illuvials, and enjoy shiny, cosmic, or holographic designs in fighter, rogue, and empath classes. Illuvials can be used in battles and can capture enemy Illuvials that have been defeated. They can also merge and become more powerful, or create synergy with other Illuvials.

To help facilitate easy trading of your assets with your peers, you can trade them instantly with no gas fees. Store your in-game Illuvials in shards and your NFTs in crypto wallets
. NFTs grant you staking power, allowing you to vote on future changes in the project. Follow Illuvium on
social media

for the latest news and updates.

#2: Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones
is an art lover’s dream and is an excellent option as one of the best NFTs to invest in. Based on the Ethereum network, Imaginary Ones is an exciting 3D art project with an initial drop of 8,888 unique NFTs designed to spread “love, positivity, and creativity.” The project was created by Singaporean artists Cmttat
and Gentle Whale
, and the team that designs Imaginary Ones has more than a decade of experience working with such top clients as Apple, Samsung, and Nike.

Supporters are encouraged to follow Imaginary Ones on Twitter for an opportunity to get on the whitelist for upcoming NFT project drops, and for information about new NFT projects and how to avoid high gas fees.

#3: Invisible Friends

As an upcoming NFT project that’s built up a tremendous amount of hype in recent months, Invisible Friends by Markus Magnusson
should definitely be on your radar if you’re an NFT collector. Thanks to its novel concept of attaching clothing to its invisible walking characters, the NFT project has caught the eyes of many investors and collectors. Beyond its attention-grabbing art style, many liken Invisible Friends to other best NFTs to invest in like Doodles
and Cool Cats because the NFT’s designs are simple, bright, and easy to digest upon first inspection.

Although not much is yet known of the roadmap Markus has in mind, we do know that owning an Invisible Friends NFT grants you access to the 3D Invisible Collection sometime later this year and future collections from the Random Character Collective. Minting will be on 23rd February for those lucky enough to get whitelisted so active community members and owners of SlimHoods
and MoodRollers
will be duly rewarded. Fear of missing out on the Invisible Friends hype train? Make sure you keep a close eye on their discord server
so you can stay updated on any Invisible Friends news.

#4: HAPE Prime

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the 3D HAPE Beast Prime tokens are scheduled to be released this month. The 3D-meta-ready Apes are the brainchild of London-based Digimental, which has designed and styled the collection, creating new art and fashion for the apes and begetting a whole new metaverse.

Also associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Digimental
has given each HAPE Beast a sharp, clean image with crisp lines and brilliant colors. The initial mint includes 8,192 unique HAPE Beasts, all of which feature plenty of customization options, providing plenty of choices.

The HAPE Beast NFT tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and the gas wars opened in mid-January, granting potential buyers the opportunity to mint their HAPE Beasts at a price of just 0.2 ETH. HAPE Beast’s Discord
has so far attracted more than 330,000 members seeking community and the sense of style promised by the HAPE Beasts. Follow them on social media for the latest news and updates with regard to their upcoming NFT projects.

#5: DAPE

Degenerate Ape Academy
, or DAPE, is one of the best Solana
NFT projects. It’s led by Obbotis1, head of project management; Monoliff, in charge of the art and development team; and Conorholds, who manages development. DAPE contains 10,000 unique monkeys acting as an interface for users to exchange digital assets. Buyers own all intellectual property rights to their new top NFTs — which are protected by smart contracts — and can mint as many monkeys as they like.

Monkeys have various characteristics, including clothing, skin, fur, and glasses, with plenty of possible combinations. The features are classified according to a hierarchy ranging from common and uncommon to rare and mythical, which helps NFT investors and traders understand the likelihood of minting. For fans of the BAYC, this can be an excellent alternative and one of the best Solana NFT projects. If you’re looking for upcoming NFT projects to invest in, you really can’t go wrong here.

DAPE is Solana’s first million-dollar NFT collection, as well as one of the most hyped collections in the NFT space. Collectors can easily access and invert these NFTs affordably, making them incredibly popular with buyers of all skill levels — especially for those who want to get in on the ground floor of one of the best Solana NFT projects in the crypto marketplace today.

#6: Stoner Ape Club

As one of the best NFT tokens that’s related to chasing the dragon, this collection of 6,666 stoner apes is ready to help you kick back and relax. Each ape is unique, based on hundreds of uncommon features, and designed to create a one-of-a-kind neighborhood. There’s a wide variety of competitions, sneak peeks, and more to start whitelists and minting designed to get followers excited about their upcoming NFT projects.

Among the principal minds behind the Stoner Ape Club are Kreo, Brandon Delgados, Alex Arteaga, and Truls Aandal. Collectors of top NFTs and gamers whose stated goal was to create an NFT-loving community, initially created branded products that included rolling trays and papers. However, they soon expanded with the idea of a metaverse, a virtual dispensary, and more. The whitelist presale began on January 29, 2022, with 4,000 spots opening, and the public sale for the remaining 2,666 spots opened the next day. Buyers earned whitelist access through events like giveaways and quizzes. Follow them
to stay updated on what NFTs to invest in.

#7: Star Atlas

If there’s one upcoming NFT project we have to talk about, it’s Star Atlas, an exciting blockchain-based game set in the year 2620 with brilliant cinematic quality and immersive content. These features set it squarely among the best NFT projects built on the Solana blockchain. It’s fast, secure, and efficient, completing about 50,000 TPS
, with super-low transaction fees and an innovative deflationary mechanism that enables players to enjoy higher rewards for engaging in risky activities. For gamers considering what NFTs to invest in, Star Atlas is a great choice.

Their latest drop in December 2021 included more than $3 million in NFT spaceships, which are part of their Galactic Asset Offerings. Revenue from the sales will be used to develop the Star Atlas metaverse. Additional in-game items are available for purchase during the NFT drops. Follow them on social media
for information about their latest drops and new NFT projects.

#8: Pixelmon

Pixelmon might most readily be compared to Pokémon for its highly addictive collectible top NFTs and fun, quirky gaming style. This play-to-earn metaverse is easy to get drawn into. You can trade, train, and battle your Pixelmons against others in the Pixelmon gaming world. For both gamers and collectibles fans, this new NFT project is one of the most exciting to arrive on the scene in a while.

The first generation of NFTs, called Genesis, will have more than 100 unique species, and there will be a total of 10,000 droppings. Phase 1 will roll out in the second quarter of 2022, and Gen 1 eggs will be available for purchase and minting in the Pixelverse, which includes land and a variety of housing units that you can purchase or rent.

Pixelmon uses a dutch auction style, starting with a specific set price and then allowing community members to purchase NFTs at their chosen prices, which can mitigate the risk of gas wars, in addition to lowering fees. This can also help increase funding and improve the overall quality of the metaverse. Follow the progress of Pixelmon’s new NFT projects here

#9: Cryptoon Goonz

Tattoo artist @SeanTat2s
is the creative genius behind Cryptoon Goonz, one of the most talked about up-and-coming NFT projects. It has an old-school Mickey Mouse-esque look and feel. These fun, throwback cartoon-style NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain and are styled with unique hip-hop and streetwear designs. They’re full of fresh, feisty references and are ready to spice up your crypto collection, with a Discord community
that’s more than 10,000 strong. A total of 7,000 characters will be released, with each one consisting of eight properties of various rarities ranging from common to ultra-rare. Note: A few of these NFTs even have special hidden attributes.

Follow their social media
for a chance to get on the whitelist.

#10: WonderPals

WonderPals is still in progress, scheduled to release sometime in the first quarter of 2022. This NFT collection can be described simply as wholesome. It includes 10,000 cotton candy-colored characters with simple, clean lines and bright, sunny faces. For fans of collectibles, these top NFTs are cute, fun, and friendly.

Created through a collaboration with @CoolmanUniverse
, some of these sweet drops of sunshine even have a few special traits for their holders to enjoy. The stated promise of WonderPals
is to spread joy and kindness throughout the year, and if you decide to collect them, we think you’ll agree. If you’re looking for NFTs to invest in, this is a great choice. You can follow them on social media
for an opportunity to join their Discord and get an invitation to their whitelist for more upcoming NFT projects.

#11: SolSand

brings NFTs to the gaming metaverse, promising to build a new paradigm offering its users the opportunity to build the worlds of their dreams in the upcoming Solanaverse. As one of the best Solana NFT projects, the digital art has a unique stylized look and feel, designed specifically for those who love anime art.

SolSand NFT holders are assigned specific plots of land in the Solanaverse and are airdropped $VERSE, in-game tokens, and currency. Verified holders receive entry to the Sand Society, which grants them access to the whitelist for special releases and information on upcoming NFT projects.

While SolSand goes beyond the idea of conventional art, it builds on philosophies and ideas. The Solanaverse will be a fully augmented VR metaverse, with the NFTs acting as the keys allowing access, making it one of the best Solana NFT projects. The first generation was minted on January 15, 2022, with future generations yet to be announced. SolSand will be minted in drops of 2,500 each.

Follow them on social media
for the latest updates and information on their upcoming NFT projects and tokens.

#12: Gooniez Gang

The Gooniez Gang is a collection of 7,777 NFT tokens in the form of 3D metaverse characters. From the minds behind Transformers and X-Men, this gang of brilliant, sleekly designed collectible duck-billed Gooniez is ready to burst onto the scene and take the NFT world by storm. Each Goonie has a unique look and feel. During the first phase of the project, designers are working to establish strong community support, and so far they’re right on point. Followers love the Gooniez.

Once the project is live, the early buyers will have access to exclusive Gooniez merchandise featuring individual NFTs. They’ll also have a stake in the project, which means they can vote for events, donations, and the future direction of the Gooniez Gang. Follow them on Twitter
and Instagram
for the latest info and the opportunity to be whitelisted.

#13: Crypto Baristas

Do you love coffee as much as you love crypto and learning about what upcoming NFT projects to invest in? Then Crypto Baristas is just the project for you — and one of the best NFTs to invest in for the experience alone. It was initially designed by Coffee Bros., a New York City-based roastery, which is using the new NFT projects to fund its brick-and-mortar cafe. Its cute and caffeinated baristas are available on the Rarible platform, and the income the top NFT tokens bring in will be used to fund a real-life cafe, with a focus on art and innovation.

The first season will feature 60 digitally hand-drawn characters, with three new characters being released each week. Holders of top NFT tokens will enjoy discounts on merchandise, drinks with coffee partners, and a staking interest in the project’s future. Follow them on social media
for their latest news.

#14: Autograph

Autograph might just be one of the best NFTs to invest in for sports and celebrity fans. Co-founded by Tom Brady, Autograph is more of an experience than a project. One of the more vibrant new NFT platforms, it focuses on athletes but is soon expanding into the field of entertainment with digital experiences and memorabilia. Autograph uses the Polygon blockchain, which relies on Ethereum but uses less energy, thus lowering gas fees.

Its top NFTs have attracted some pretty big names, partnering with such athletes as Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka, Usain Bolt, and Wayne Gretzky. It’s also attracted celebrities outside the realm of sports, including The Weeknd
, and the horror series, Saw. The project intends to expand soon and has announced a deal with DraftKings. It’s also finalizing other partnerships and will be disclosing them soon. Stay tuned for more of Autograph’s upcoming NFT projects by following them on Twitter

#15: Sound.xyz

The soundtrack of our lives just got a little richer thanks to Sound.xyz. If you’re a music fan, this is definitely one of the best upcoming NFT projects to invest in. This novel startup takes auditory and visual NFTs and connects musicians to listeners by creating a suite of tools through which music is released directly to the public. So far, Sound.xyz has raised $5 million through a variety of artists, crypto angel investors, and other funding.

Sound.xyz has the potential to change the way music is introduced, produced, and delivered. Users can support the artists they love, and artists can work directly with listeners to create art that resonates. Artists can produce a limited supply of top NFTs when releasing music, and listeners who purchase top NFT tokens have the opportunity to leave a comment at a certain moment in a specific song. They can also trade the NFTs, after which time the new owner can overwrite the original comment on the token.

Sound.xyz has been dropping 25 comments-as-tokens tied to individual singles, priced at 0.1 ETH each, and 25 collectors will be designated to receive an additional token. If you’re looking for the best NFTs to invest in, this one should absolutely be on your list.

#16: CeloPunks

Built on the Celo Network, CeloPunks
is the first official collection of NFTs on the Celo marketplace. Collectors looking for NFTs to invest in will certainly love these top NFTs, and with good reason.

Created as an homage to the OG Punks
, CeloPunks are simple, digital trading cards that grant holders a stake in the Celo ecosystem and voting rights in any upcoming NFT projects. Along with stake functionality, holders will also be able to use their NFTs to earn $CPUNK tokens passively.

Multiple collections are in the works, and there will be a few super-rare NFTs available as well. Only those who stake $CPUNK LP tokens will have access to these super-rare top NFTs. Follow the project’s progress and receive inside information about their projects on the Celo social media feed

#17: Turner’s Digital Paintings

Have you ever wanted your very own NFT masterpiece? For a limited time, you can purchase a J.M.W. Turner watercolor in digital form, thanks to the British Museum. Turner has been called “the painter of light,” and he was arguably the most influential watercolor painter. His landscapes and seascapes are breathtaking. For a limited time, you have the opportunity to own one or more of his works.

Classical art fans seeking NFTs to invest in, newcomers to NFT projects, and anyone interested in top NFT projects will love this venture. One of the first marriages between traditional and digital art, it might just change the way NFTs are seen among the general public.

The British Museum is selling digital copies of these Turner watercolors as NFTs. This collection of 60 paintings was bequeathed to the museum by Robert Wylie Lloyd, a former Christie’s chairman and art collector. The 20 chosen to create NFTs will be divided into three categories. Four will be open editions, seven will be super-rare, and nine will be ultra-rare. The private sale begins on February 8, 2022, and the public sale begins the next day. This is a great opportunity for you to get in on one of the best NFTs to invest in — and a chance to get your hands on some fantastic art, too.

#18: World of Women

Crypto has a bit of a reputation as a “boy’s club,” but World of Women is turning that image on its head. If you want to support women in tech, then this might be a great NFT to invest in. World of Women has 10,000 brilliant works representing women. Created by Yam Karkai
, WoW’s top NFT tokens sold out almost immediately when launched, generating more than $40 million in just two weeks. The first pieces have already become collector’s items, and the project holds immense promise as more influencers discover and promote it. Follow WoW on Twitter
for the latest updates and information on their new NFT projects.

#19: Metavillage

Metavillage, one of the best Solana NFT projects currently available, is part of the Solana metaverse. These top NFTs consist of 9,159 randomly generated islands. You can own your village and “play to pay,” earning a passive income of village coins.

What makes this project one of the best NFTs to invest in is its road map, which ensures that a percentage of the presale profits will maintain the project’s liquidity for Village Coins and LP tokens. This will help the token maintain a steady price for the next stage of the project. Players who find Golden Totems or Golden Sharks on their islands will win cash prizes.

Growing a vibrant community is a major priority for the Metavillage team, which recently completed its first minting on January 16, 2022. The Phase 2 launch was on January 22, 2022. Much like Decentraland, the game is designed with many built-in benefits for its NFT holders, with robust infrastructure and an exciting design, making it a clear front-runner as one of the best Solana NFT projects. To stay on top of the latest updates and information, follow them on Twitter
or join their Discord
for a chance to get on the whitelist and discover what makes them one of the more promising upcoming NFT projects.

#20: Otaku Origins

Otaku Origins is a must-have — and one of the best NFT projects to invest in for anime fans. A special algorithm generates each Otaku NFT from one of more than 200 exquisite traits, drawn from eight categories, each of which influences their value. The collectible characters provide NFT holders with access to the Otaku DAO
and metaverse, which will serve as launchpads for emerging artists and authors, with versatile tools for branding, publishing, and marketing.

Authors and artists even have access to funding and can incorporate their Otaku NFT character designs into their art, whether that includes comics, anime, manga
, or games. If you love anime and crypto, this is one pairing you can’t afford to pass up. Otaku Origins is one of the year’s best upcoming NFT projects to invest in.

#21: The Flyfish Club

As with some of the other new NFT projects that have made this list, these top NFTs are about experiences, making them more than just collectible items. The Flyfish Club (FFC) comes from the brilliant mind of Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s well-known as the creator of VeeFriends

FFC is the first of the new NFT projects designed as a members-only private dining club, featuring a cocktail lounge, intimate omakase room
, and outdoor spaces. Members of the Flyfish Club have access to the private, 10,000-square-foot restaurant in New York City, as well as the restaurant’s other spaces, with the opportunity to bring guests. You’ll be able to lease or resell your membership as desired. If you love good food and one-of-a-kind experiences, this is undeniably one of the best NFTs to invest in right now.

Keen on joining this upcoming NFT project? Memberships start at 2.5 ETH.

#22: Moonbirds

Moonbirds is one of the hottest NFT
collections in 2022 with a current floor price of 26.5 ETH. It consists of 10,000 utility-enabled profile pictures (PFP)
. The collection was available for mint at 2.5 ETH and sold out in minutes.

Moonbird holders have the option to ‘nest’ their NFT to receive additional rewards. Nesting is similar to staking except the NFT doesn’t leave the holder’s wallet, where holders accrue enhanced drops and rewards slowly over time, incentivizing long-term holding.

Besides displaying them as profile pictures, Moonbirds provide holders with access to the private PROOF
(the Moonbirds developer) Discord
server, where they will be invited to take part in exclusive Moonbird-related drops, giveaways, and meetups. Furthermore, owning a Moonbird grants the holder early access to all future PROOF projects, such as their recent announcement on the PROOF metaverse titled Highrise. Stay tuned for more by following them on Twitter
as PROOF continues to expand and provide further utilities to Moonbird holders.

#23 MemeLand

MemeLand is a collection of 9,999 NFTs called Captains. Created by the developers of the social media platform 9GAG, each Captain is said to be loaded with benefits, including access to a secret club, an NFT marketplace, actual events, and future 9GAG projects. The goal is to enable creators by providing a bridge between web2 and web3

MemeLand NFTs will eventually generate a fixed amount of $MEME tokens for a particular duration, rewarding Captain holders in the form of ‘
passive income

’. $MEME can also be earned by staking assets or producing content that can be used in the MemeLand metaverse for governance and transactions.

9GAG recently released a premium membership of 420 exclusive NFTs titled ‘

’. The perks include free mints for two main collections, whitelists for all future NFT collections, MVP role, and access to their MVP Discord

If you are interested in participating in their presale, you can visit their Discord and stand a chance to win a raffle for a place on the Memelist (whitelist). Information about its minting cost and release date has not been announced so do keep a look out on their Twitter
for updates.

#24 Mavrix

If you are a fan of Augmented Reality (AR), Mavrix or ‘Multiverse Augmented Virtual Reality Interactive Xperience’ is a project that you should seriously consider. The team is developing an interactive AR gaming experience where users have the ability to view themselves wearing their NFTs using an AR app downloadable on both Android and Apple. Mavrix holders will also be entitled to the benefits of another AR treasure hunt game that is currently in development and expected to finish in 2023.

The team will be giving away 0.2 ETH for the first 90 days following the release of Mavrix, plus a weekly giveaway of 1 ETH for the next 3 years. The project has dedicated 30% of the funds generated from royalties to the community wallet and will allow holders to vote on any future development. The project will consist of 9,999 NFTs expected to launch on July 31st, 2022. For more updates on the project, you can follow them on their social media

#25 MekaRim

For those that enjoy play-to-earn
games like Axie Infinity
or Gods Unchained
, MekaRim is an upcoming Transformers and Gundam-inspired, play-to-earn game expected to release in Q4 of 2023. The collection includes 10,000 3D robots with over 100 traits available for presale mint at 0.15 ETH on July 16th, 2022. Following this, two public sales will be held for those who missed the whitelist mint.

Each NFT acts as an avatar for the game and gives early access to holders during their beta launch. Additionally, holders will also be entitled to airdrops, and exclusive digital items, and their in-game currency $CORE will power the entire social media. The team has partnered with Bloomberg
and Crypto.com
amongst others which will be beneficial for marketing the entire ecosystem. Follow MekaRim on their
social media

for more updates on their presale.

Source: 25 Upcoming NFT Projects to Invest in and Get In on Early | Bybit Learn

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